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Thermal Imaging

Press Room

Our comprehensive selection of press room supplies is unmatched.

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Tobias hand held densitometers for reading colour bars etc. Plate scanning and loop systems for multi-press operations.

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Offset Printing Blankets

Graffity; 2 ply Business form printing blankets, 3 ply (1.7), 4 ply (1.95).

Self adhesive blankets, No Pak blankets (2.6) for Ryobi and Web Offset Blankets

KSL anti Set off Powder

  • K4 Range: Calcium Base economical to use, which allows more accurate distribution.
  • K4 Plus: Specially coated for greater fluidity.
  • S5 Range: Starch base for easy flow through most systems.
  • S5WL Range: For use with aqueous coating systems.
  • L3 Range: Sugar based for laminating and coating systems

Offset Press Packing

  • Paper
  • Self-Adhesive Polyester
  • Non-Adhesive film, which can be supplied cut to size in thicknesses ranging from 2 thou (0.05mm) – 20 thou (0.5mm) or supplied in rolls.

Dampener Roller Cover

  • Loop pile shrink on covers, lint-free, no ink build-up.
  • Conventional cover for newspaper presses.
  • Synthetic long life shrink on cover for newspaper presses.
  • Molaton traditional type covers.
  • Paper sleeve replacement. Thin for use with oversized rollers. Eliminates cracking and start up marking.
  • For newspaper press.
  • A stretch water pan cover.
  • Shrink-on synthetic covers for K series intermediate water pan roller.
  • Thick loop pile cover to carry maximum water

Offset Printing Inks

  • Flint Inks: Novavit Bio, in colours Novavit Easy Mix, Numbering Machine Ink, Overvarnish, Metallics, Fluorescent and Special Mixes
  • Van Son Small Offset Inks: For use with integrated dampening systems
    • Rubber Base: Uncoated paper
    • Infinity Oil & Rubber Base: The ultimate Acrylic for coated and uncoated papers
    • Tough Tex: Non-porous stocks
    • Digital Printing Inks: Cartridges. M.I.C.R. Magnetic Ink


  • Conductivity meters
  • Micrometers
  • Blanket gauges
  • Paper scales
  • PH Testers


  • Tack reducer
  • Silicone
  • No wash up
  • Jet lube
  • Anti static
  • Glass cleaner


  • Metal halide lamps
  • Infrared Lamps
  • Ultraviolet Lamps

Adhesive Tapes

  • Double sided
  • Web Splicing
  • Perforated Skip tape
    for business forms
  • Plate Mounting
  • General purpose

Press Room Chemicals

  • Fountain solutions
  • Roller washes
  • Blanket & plate cleaners
  • Plate gums & conditioners
  • Ink Jet Substrates For wide format printers in rolls:
    • Paper: 110gsm Universal Paper
    • Polyester: High Colour Brilliance
    • Vinyl: UV Resistant Water-Proof with Dye Inks
    • Canvas: Linen Structure for Art Prints


  • Wash up Blades
  • Suckers
  • Gloves
  • Sponges
  • Ink Knives
  • Goss Newspaper and Commercial Presslines
  • Reelstands: Jardis, Enkel, and Amal
  • Brissett Reelstand Guide Rollers
  • Brissett Ink Rollers
  • Brissett Roller Dampeners
  • Magnifying Glasses
  • Paper Wedges
  • Pantone Colour Guides
  • Offset Perforating Rule
  • Additioner Pens; Fine or Broad for all plates

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